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Sequoia National Park


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Sequoia National Park Panorama
This panorama features the giant sequoia tree, earth's largest living tree, which can reach heights of more than 300 feet. Sequoia seeds are about ¼ inch long and come from small cones, which contain about 200 seeds each.

Sequoia National Park Panoramic
This panorama, taken by James Blakeway, provides a glimpse of one of California’s most spectacular treasures – Sequoia National Park. It is home to the giant sequoia trees, which grow naturally in only one area, along the western slope of California’s Sierra Nevada mountain range. Centered in the background of this photograph is the General Sherman Tree – the largest sequoia tree in the park and in the world. General Sherman is estimated to be more than 2,000 years old and contains more than 52,000 cubic feet of wood. It stands almost 275 feet tall and, at the ground, has a trunk that measures more than 100 feet in circumference.