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Duluth, MN

Duluth, MN
  • Duluth, Minnesota Autumn City Skyline Panorama

    Blakeway Worldwide Panoramas

    Duluth, Minnesota Autumn City Skyline Panorama

    Text on Printed Panorama: Duluth, Minnesota This aerial panoramic photograph of Duluth was taken by James Blakeway. It features Duluth, located on the shore of Lake Superior, during the autumn leaf color change. On the left of the panorama is...

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Duluth, Minnesota City Skyline Wall Decor

Our Duluth city skyline wall decor features a city on the pristine shores of Lake Superior. This has been an important point of transportation in Minnesotan and Midwestern history. The Aerial Lift Bridge is the most iconic landmark in Duluth skyline wall decor, and helps to connect Canal Park with Minnesota Point. Over 1,000 freighters enter the city annually to transport goods across the Midwest and into Canada.

This is a city with significant opportunities for parks and recreation. These sites include Canal Park, the Lakewalk, Leif Erickson Park, and Brighton Beach Park. Many historic buildings can be spotted in Duluth's skyline - such as Glensheen Historic Estate and historic Central High School. The waters of Lake Superior also hold hidden mysteries, as many shipwrecks are buried beneath its waves. Less than a mile outside the Duluth harbor ship canal is the most famous of these wrecks, the Thomas Wilson.

Duluth skyline wall art features one of the world's longest freshwater baymouth bars and starting point for many tourists making their way along the North Shore. Accessible to ocean-going ships from the Atlantic Ocean (over 2,300 miles away), it's understandable why Duluth skyline pictures have adapted over the years to show such a unique city of historical importance.