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Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, Japan
  • Tokyo, Japan City Skyline Panoramic Picture - Twilight

    Blakeway Worldwide Panoramas

    Tokyo, Japan City Skyline Panoramic Picture - Twilight

    Text on Printed Panorama: Tokyo, Japan This panoramic photograph of Tokyo was taken by James Blakeway. Tokyo is Japan's capital and largest city. Featured in the center of the photograph is the 333-meter Tokyo Tower, the tallest structure in Japan...

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Tokyo, Japan Panoramic City Skyline Wall Decor

Tokyo city skyline pictures feature a metropolis home to more than 37 million residents. In addition, this is the capital of Japan and largest metro area in the world. The city is also the seat of the Japanese Imperial Palace and central location for the Japanese government. Also, Tokyo skyline decor shows the home for 51 Fortune Global 500 companies - more than any other.

While Tokyo skyline art displays the most livable and desired city to live in, this is also the world's most expensive. From looking at Tokyo skyline photos today, one would never guess that this massive metropolis originally began as a simple fishing village less than a millennia ago.

Tourism focuses downtown, on entertainment and shopping centers like Ginza and Shinjuku. A famous landmark in Tokyo skyline panoramas is Tokyo Tower, for observation and communications. It rises 1,093 feet above the city and is similar to the Eiffel Tower in appearance.

Tokyo is an ever-expanding city containing some of the newest architecture in the world. It's easy to see when viewing Tokyo skyline panoramic art how the city has captivated the imagination of so many, and how it has grown to become the largest metropolis in the world.