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Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden
  • Stockholm, Sweden City Skyline Panoramic Picture - Twilight

    Blakeway Worldwide Panoramas

    Stockholm, Sweden City Skyline Panoramic Picture - Twilight

    Text on Printed Panorama: Stockholm, Sweden This panoramic photograph of Stockholm was taken by James Blakeway. It features a panoramic view of Riddarholmen or Knights Island. In the distance on the Below is the tall white steeple of Katarina's...

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Stockholm, Sweden Panoramic City Skyline Wall Decor

Stockholm skyline pictures showcase a city home to 2.1 million residents - 20% of the population. This is Sweden's cultural, political and economic center, strategically placed across 14 islands along the country's southeastern coast. The city holds many culturally significant landmarks, including the Supreme Court of Sweden and Parliament of Sweden. In addition, Riddarholmen is a popular tourist destination, with Gamla Stan (Old Town) and private palaces built in the 1600s. Riddarholmen Church (Riddarholmskyrkan), built in the 110s, is another famous landmark. It is also the site where many Swedish monarchs are buried. Additionally, Katarina's Church functions as one of the city's major churches today, plus German Church (Tyska Kyrkan) in Gamla Stan.

Stockholm skyline decor shows us the inspiring views from one of the great cities of northern Europe. Known for its iconic buildings and architecture, city design, cultural and media attractions, Stockholm is a city worth visiting on your next journey to Europe.