Chicago, IL


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Chicago, also known as “the windy city”, is located in Illinois and was incorporated in 1837. Chicago’s city skyline picture consists of 234 square miles and has a population of 2,695,598 which ranks it as 3rd in the U.S. Chicago gets its name from the French pronunciation of the Native American word “shikaakwa” meaning “wild onion” or “wild garlic." Chicago became a major transportation hub between the east and west which led to fast population growth. This fast population growth called for a sewerage system and more buildings, foreshadowing Chicago’s skyline picture today.

The great Chicago fire in 1871 wiped out 1/3 of the city. Afterwards, Chicago’s skyline picture experienced massive growth. This is the beginning of what is now the Chicago skyline panoramic picture. During this time, the world’s first skyscraper was built in 1885. It was created using steel skeleton construction. This buildings name is the Home Insurance Building. It brought on the sky scraper era, something very prominent in Chicago skyline pictures. The Home Insurance Building can’t be seen in Chicago skyline pictures or any other picture today because it was destroyed in 1931 for the Field Building now known as LaSalle National Bank Building.

Some notable locations in Chicago skyline pictures are Willis Tower (Sears Tower), The University of Illinois-Chicago, McCormick Place, and O’Hare International Airport. All of these were built during Richard J. Daley’s tenure. Willis Tower, formerly known as Sears Tower, can be seen in the Chicago skyline pictures. Completed in 1973, Willis Tower is a very important part of a Chicago skyline picture. In the U.S., Willis Tower is the tallest building at 1451 feet and 108 stories. In the world, Willis Tower is the fifth tallest building. Willis tower being so tall makes it very prominent in every Chicago skyline picture and any Chicago skyline panorama would look incomplete without it.

A panoramic Chicago skyline picture fully displays that Chicago’s skyline is one of the worlds tallest and most dense. Chicago skyline pictures also show that Chicago’s skyline has the 2 tallest buildings in the nation, Willis Tower and Trump International Hotel and Tower. Trump International Hotel and Tower also referred to as Trump Tower Chicago, opened in 2008 and is 1,170 feet tall. At one point it aspired to be the tallest building not only in Chicago skyline pictures but in the world, but after September 11th building plans changed and the size was scaled back. Inside this building is a much praised spa, The Spa at Trump, and restaurant, Sixteen. Chicago skyline pictures display a wide variety of popular and talked about buildings and areas.

Another prominent figure in Chicago skyline pictures is Lake Michigan. Lake Michigan is in almost every Chicago skyline picture. Lake Michigan is responsible for Chicago’s skyline picture because it provides transportation. A Chicago skyline picture really shows the beauty of this lake. It’s a beautiful sight seeing Chicago’s skyline reflected in Lake Michigan in a Chicago skyline picture.

If you’re interested in Chicago’s long history, its beautiful Chicago skyline picture and raved about buildings, the peace and serenity you get seeing Chicago’s skyline picture reflected in Lake Michigan, or a little bit of everything you can get all of that and then some in a Chicago skyline picture panorama.